SITW was a complete success and Pharrell and every single Virginia native proved to the world that Virginia truly is for lovers, despite the controversies local, racist news reporters (like Headphanie below from Wavy News 10) trying to scare and divide us by posting an almost 30 year old video to prove whatever point she had but let’s not focus on that because obviously that objective failed miserably. Pharrell wanted to have this festival to bring peace to the deadly “College Beach Weekend” that happens on the last weekend of April every year and bring the community together and he did just that. Virginia truly is open for business. This festival alone brought almost a billion dollars worth of revenue to the Hampton Roads area in only THREE days! He also brought light to an organization called “From One Hand To Another” which provides free summer camp to underserved youth in the 757 community. In fact— the proceeds from all the SITW merch went straight into this organization which I think is amazing because our children are our future. To kick off the festival weekend, the weather on Friday unfortunately had to cancel the Friday lineup but Pharrell made up for it by bringing Jay Z, Tyler the Creator, Diddy, Usher, Fam Lay, Magoo, Timberland, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and more to his “Pharrell & friends” set. Talk about a star studded performance. It was at LEAST 10 billion dollars worth of people on stage. Seeing all of my idols on one stage definitely was inspiring and something me and many others will never forget. It was so much love and unity I honestly don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that. If you missed out I feel sorry for you but don’t fret, they’ll be another festival next year and for the next three years after that so I’ll catch y’all there. Come see what the hype is all about. Bravo Pharrell! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. 🖖🏽
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You tried it sis— and failed. Sucks to suck don’t it?
Why are unborn children more protected than the ones actually living? Here’s the tea:
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Aware Ave is a music pool created by Virginia native @MoeCOZY. He creates free (who doesn’t love free??!) playlists for the masses to vibe out to each month. Click the links above to get hip to the latest & greatest playlist!
Before I get into how these recent abortion bans in Georgia & Alabama make me feel I would like to get to the facts because honestly this is an epidemic in our country that makes no sense & will not stand as long as we continue using our voice & our votes. The education system in America is incredibly flawed. When is the last time you used algorithm psychology in your daily life? Our children don’t get taught how to file taxes, how to build credit, or even the process of buying a home but those times tables get months even YEARS of teaching. Is it necessary? Not only are our children NOT getting a proper education, more children are getting bullied which causes them to take their life like the young boy Nigel Shelby of Alabama (which is another state that voted yes to the abortion ban, surprised?) for being gay. Another epidemic is decreased funding in our public system which is causing WAY less individuals willing to be public school teachers. Who will teach our children? I say all of this to say, why the f*ck are these old, white, congressmen trying to tell us what to do with our bodies when those children are born they’re more than likely not going to have the life they deserve. Or if it’s a little brown baby, or gay baby, or even an “illegal immigrant” baby will they keep that same energy of protection? To me, this is an agenda to strengthen the white community. Don’t believe me? Watch this interview with Jane Elliot below & then get back to me. I am so disgusted, shocked, & appalled that in 2019 we as women still have to fight for equal choices for what we do with our own bodies. If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area @dobetterga has put together a march on May 25th to protest against the GA Heartbeat Bill. I keep asking around, what can we do to stop this? The first step is using our voices & coming together so that we can have a CHOICE. What women do with our bodies is not anyone’s business. Period.
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3•15•19 @sammydarko’s Puerile ATL “hunter & weed inspired” look is the newest streetwear brand coming out of the city right now. The large P is hard to miss on each garment & I love the “dirty bird” mascots hence being from Atlanta. (Clever! Love it!! Lol) The shop will be opening soon so make sure you all support this black queen’s entrance into the male dominated streetwear industry. Click the logo above to follow @puerile.atl on Instagram!
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