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Margaux is an upcoming artist that caught my eye with her colorful & aesthetically pleasing video for her new single “Cocky”. Each character was just so perfect in their roles & it’s refreshing to see an artist with a video with an unique visual behind their message in the song. Below are a few questions I was just DYING to know from this beautiful, budding star. For more click the links below & stream Cocky on all music platforms! Squid: Where are you from & how old are you? M: I'm from Atlanta, GA and I'm 25 years old. Squid: I really enjoyed the color scheme & message in your your latest single “Cocky”. What inspired the song & video? M: Thank you! I've wanted to do a video for a long time but there's been a lot of obstacles. I made the song "Cocky" kind of randomly one day. I was driving home from school and the idea for the beat just got stuck in my head. I made it as soon as I got home. The lyrics to the first verse were basically just me talking to myself and gassin' up myself. The lyrics for the second verse came from an altercation I got in with this girl a couple weeks prior. I was going through a lot during that time and got a lot of my frustrations out through making music. "Cocky" was honestly just the beginning of it. When I came up with the "Cocky" video concept, I actually went through about 5 different concepts before I finally came up with this one. Besides funding, one of the reasons I never did a video was because I was very insecure about putting my body on actual video. People can be so mean to plus size people for no reason other than their own insecurities. I really wanted to make that point with the video. The girl was only talking about me because she herself was insecure. She said I needed "humble pie" when she really just needed some "Cocky Cake." I tried to give her some but she just couldn't handle it. That's why she died. Self hate will kill you. I also chose to use cake as a symbol of confidence because of the fact that I'm plus size. Society loves to tell plus size people that they need eat a salad or something, and while I love salads, why not eat cake too? (Lol yaaaaas! I love it!) Squid: Who was the producer on Cocky? It was so cute. I can see that video being really big on tik tok because the beat was really quirky & fun. M: I produced, wrote, and engineered it all myself! It's definitely some of my simpler production, but it's still a bop! Squid: Do you plan on putting out an album or EP out soon? The streets need MORE MARGAUX! M: I do! I have more music coming soon as well as more visuals in the works. "Cocky" is actually the first single for my upcoming project "Finally Confident". I don't have a release date yet, but I've been working on it for about a year now. I hope whenever I do release it, it makes anyone who listens feel like the baddest bitch alive. That's exactly what it does for me! Squid: Who inspires you? Favorite artist? Family? M: I inspire myself honestly. I make songs based on how I feel or how I want to feel. I was in a really dark place in my life a couple years ago and suffered from really bad depression. My music and myself were the only things that pulled me out of it. So if I'm feeling down or like I'm slipping again, I make music. If I'm feeling really good, I make music. It's really important for me to be in tune with myself and my emotions because if I don't feel anything, I can't make anything. And if I'm not creating music, it only gets worse. If I had to pick an artist who has consistently inspired me throughout the years though, it's definitely Lady Gaga. I feel like she's a true creative and talent. I feel like she truly just loves music and art; and I've always really appreciated that about her. Other people that inspire me are Marie Antoinette and Blair Waldorf! Squid: Do you have any up coming performances? Your stage presence is everything! M: Yes! I have one on March 6th at The Bakery with Bad Habits: Purse Drive; and I'm also performing at SXSW for the first time on March 21st at Sheraton BackYARD with Care Free Black Girl! Squid: What’s a hidden talent you have that a lot of people may not know about? M: Yes! I actually play 3 instruments piano, harp, and violin. I also really love to cook and draw! Squid: What’s next for you? M: Right now I’m preparing for SXSW and gearing up to drop my next single. I’m also putting final touches on my project. I have a lot of things in the works, so many plans for my music. I can’t give too many details on it but if you liked “Cocky” definitely keep your eyes open. More is coming soon!
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A budding lul star— NIYAH
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Photography: @iamursensei Cover Art Edit: @3rd_eyechakra MUA: @drvco Clothing: @neila.thealien Creative Styling/Design/Hair: @margauxwattle
Cover art by: @areuocay Content page: @cay.brand
Shot by @spoiledberry ⇨
Cay is a Virginia (757) based multi talented artist that came out with the cutest lul summer bop recently & I can’t get enough of it. “Move” literally makes me want to move to my own bop with the cheesiest smile on my face (lol). It’s a feel good bop that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. The production is by @tantubeats & mixed & mastered by @_nicholis. Her debut EP “Areuocay” is out now on all platforms, give it a spin!
By: Catsquid Niyah, an Atlanta native (currently located in Oakland, CA), is the type of person to light an entire room up as soon as she walks in. From her incredible, unique style to her beautiful, bubbly personality that makes it easy to pay attention to anything she says. She’s definitely the type of person you can naturally draw yourself to. She is a self taught photographer, set designer, & artist who began her creative journey last year. Vogue At 7 was her first song she released & it’s one of those bops you jam out to while putting on your makeup or when you’re getting ready to have a bomb ass night with your girls (or boys however you rock). Click the link to check out her song Vogue At 7 or check out her instagram where u can peep all her bomb outfits & photoshoots. She’s defineltey one to keep your eye on. A budding star!!!
Patek Pop feat. Lil Wayne & Lil Uzi Vert by (@bangloud). Currently located in Washington D.C., Thomas aka bangloud is a drummer & producer for different artists like Sunny & Gabe, Big Baby DRAM, RBLE, & Opal. Check out his mixes on SoundCloud! My favorite one is the Steve Lacy’s flip of Dark Red. Total heart eyes.
Take a look at the next big girl band, based out of Atlanta, GA, Kibi James! This talented quartet consists of @yv.tte, @divacupqueen, @kibihabibi, & @hairywrinkle. They are a true representation of girl power & LGBT pride which is so refreshing in this male, heterosexual dominated music industry. Representation matters & I feel like they will inspire many women (and men!) to express themselves freely. I myself, am a huge fan of live bands because of the real talent it takes to play an instrument & these girls truly blow me away with their ethereal performances. Their highly anticipated EP drops soon & I would highly suggest u follow @kibijames & turn those post notifications on for the drop. Below are a couple of their future live performances, I’ll see you all there, right?
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@fakeUZUMI & @SplashOfGold at the X-tra Large listening party shot by @Dfuckingmay
Work Release was an event space/night club located in the NEON District arts district of Norfolk, Virginia off of Granby St. @fakeUZUMI & many others were regulars for bringing the good vibes every weekend. I remember watching Masego belting out sultry tunes from his saxophone, grooving with the crowd before he reached fame like it was yesterday. It was located next door to the also closed Parlor which was the setting of the “I Luv It” music video with DRAM + Sunny & Gabe. RIP Work Release & Parlor, you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for bringing us together & inspiring the 757 music culture which still grows as each year passes on.
It’s been a long time since I have been able to play an album straight through with no skips. @fakeUZUMI also known as Shaded Zu produced “X-tra Large” giving us that happy, feel good energy that makes you want to groove to the beat like no one is watching. I honestly felt like I was in Work Release (my 757 readers can relate, if you aren’t hip check out the video below) on a hot summer 2014 night listening to this album. It was really hard picking my favorite track because each feature was the cherry on top to such an incredible production, however, “Sayas” by Paige Joiner’s (Joinerpaige) sweet angel voice & @GabeNiles witty ad libs has to be my favorite by default because it features a groovy dance-like sample from one of my favorite songs “Say Yes” by Floetry. Other features include @SunnyMoonshine, @_mercialago, @HalfCabJalf, @gdonna_, @WHOGOTDADUTCH, @SplashOfGold (who also mix & mastered the album), @LilGritsky, @jofroxi, & @AL_DOMS. Virginia has yet another icon in the making. Pharrell would be proud.
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