Meg Bryant is a photographer, art director, & curator based in Brooklyn, NY. She experiments with many different styles of photography. Pictured above are a few 35mm black & white photography & digital portraits. Her style to me, is very woman empowering highlighting the natural beauty of a woman & how bad ass we can be. Also pictured above is her show that she will be hosting in Brooklyn on April 27 featuring Brooklyn and Atlanta based artists. There will be all different types of art (photography, video, paintings, drawings, etc), live music, a pop up shop (selling clothing, zines, stickers, etc.), and food and drink. So basically whatever you like, it’ll be there. If you are based in New York I would highly recommend you all to check out these artists. It's $3.00 entry but there will also be a "give what u can" option at the door. The event will last from 4:30pm-10:30pm. The address is 20 Grand Ave Brooklyn NY 11205. Sanguine (Kalia Thompson) and Viediamant (Casey Shea) are both ATL based musicians attending and performing in the show. She is definitely an artist to look out for that is on the rise! Check out more of her work on the link above!
—bringing two different perspectives effortlessly slaying the game.
Son of Coach K (co-founder of Quality Control Music), Nate Chenault is an Indianapolis, Indiana native also known as “The Man Behind the Camera” capturing the worlds hottest entertainers right now. Currently he’s taking his genius eye on tour with Trippie Red capturing behind the scenes, tour life images, & epic stage shots. It almost looks like something out of a movie! He manages to capture the artists true emotion and genuine moments so effortlessly that he makes it seem like you’re actually there. His documentary style shots gives us a closer look of all of our favorite superstars lifestyle. Check out the link above to see more & to keep up with his current tour with Trippie Red :-)
“The Man Behind The Camera”— a closer look
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Two2Versions is a black owned photography + creative direction company founded in Atlanta, GA by Charnele Crandle & Sarai Young in 2017. They have done collabs with El Ponce, Coco & Mischa (located in Ponce City Market), and worked with other major artists here in the city. Their beautiful, colorful different perspectives adds their own signature touch to everything they produce. These ladies are so driven and always blow me away with their minds. Check out their page below for more— I promise you won’t be disappointed.
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Meg Bryant— a feminist revolutionary
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Two2Versions by Sarai & Charnele
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